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PRESENTATION - Construction

See the Video about the making of  BUMTRIBE Skis !

  on : www.tvmountain.com

Our skis are « sandwich »

The sandwich process stay the best quality to build freeride skis.

Base................................Ptex 4000
Top sheet....................... PU bi/densité
Chants ............................... ABS
Fibre ................................. Kevlar
Fibre Triaxiale .................... Verre

Double Zéro models :
A Titanal leaf  is added to the fibers at the top of the core with an elastomère interface to control the vibrations and to glue well to the Titanal.

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Get FlashPlayerWhy those materials :
1 - Base Ptex 4000

As we know the "powder call" is sometimes to strong and drag us on rocks so it's better to have a very strong base that can resist !

    2 -  Edges
They are wide of course, to be stronger and more durable tunning after tunning.
     3 -  Tri directionnal Fiber glass  :
Axial fibers to reenforce the flex
                45°   fibers for torsional effort
               -45°   fibers for torsional effort
  This material is inside almost all of skis in the market in different thickness and sometime not  
tri  axial.
With the quality of our core we can reduce the quantity of this material. Because its quality is to be cheep but its default is its weight.

  4 -  Kevlar fibers also called Aramid :
This is a really strong material used for the fabrication of bullet proof jackets, helmets and  aircraft industry. This fiber gives our skis a really good resistance against rocks impact.
The other quality of this material is to be really light and not to stiff.

Its only default is the cost about 5 times more than the normal glass fiber !
A good reason not to be use in mass production skis...

We choose not to add Carbon fibers because of its stiffness. The ski seems stiffer and stronger the ski becomes to rigid.

   5 -  White ashwood core it's the sole of BUMTRIBE Skis !

White ashwood is used as well in the construction of dog sledge, arch, or boat etc… because it's a resistant flexibal and durable wood. Il peut être souple sans être mou !

The lattes of wood are shosen whithout any nuts, one piece tip to tail. We obtain a constant and even flex all along the ski.

Some other types of wood could also have  good mecanic proprieties, like Icory. But why would you buy over seas when you got better stuff closer ? Our core suplier is next to us in swiss and the white ashwood has been cut in a "gestion controlled" forest.

Very often in mass production for their high end product when the core is made in wood not in foam it's in poplar and hetre. This wood hasn't got good mechanical proprieties it's only use because it's easy to mill it and for its price. After to help they add more fiber glass (cheep aswell) wih increase the weight  and you get a ski either to soft whith no rebond or to stiff and heavy... 
The white ashwood is harder to mill more expensive but under the foot...


6 -  Rubber bumpers
We  Laminate a 3 mm rubber bumper in the ski at the tip and tail. When you carry your skis or hit something, the rubber absorb the choc and limit the vibration.

7 - The top sheet
Since 2007 it is a transparent Bi Density polyurethane. Hard on top for a good scratch resistance and a bit softer at the other side to stick better.

Double Zero MODELS :

We add a full sheet of titanal under the top sheet and above the core and fibers.
This material give the ski a better stability at very high speed and more stifness aswell.
But depending the use of the ski this might not help that's why we propose two diferent flex  you can test the difference it's quite interesting !

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